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The S.701 Search & Rescue Transponder (SART) from SevenStar Electronics Limited has been designed to fulfil and exceed the requirements of X-band Marine Search & Rescue Radar Transponders as specified for use within the GMDSS community.

Seven Star SART, supplied by Storm Force Marine in Hong Kong and Asia
Two models are available. The traditional SART causes a distinctive signal to appear on all nearby radar monitors. The new AIS SART causes a similar kind of signal to appear on all nearby AIS systems. Variations include carry-on, carry-off versions and others designed for fixing to bulkheads or within liferafts.

They have been designed and built using the most modern components available, and offer several features which give them significant advantages over earlier generation SARTs.

Type Approved to both the FCC and EU MED requirements and carries the 'Wheelmark' symbol. Wheelmark Symbol Specifically designed with life-raft fitting in mind, as well as conventional 'carry-off' use. It is capable of auto activation in liferaft installations, and is one of the smallest and lightest SARTs available today. Its exceptionally low power consumption makes it the first SART that can be shipped globally as NON-HAZARDOUS goods - making it much simpler, quicker and cheaper to ship and stock. And its unique digital design brings new levels of sophistication, with reduced component count and increased reliability.

Two models are currently available. The S.701-C/O model is the full Carry-Off version, with mounting bracket, tether, and straps. It can be fixed to any convenient bulkhead or wall. The S.701-L/R is the liferaft version, supplied on its own to make the most of its ultra-slim profile and stow easily inside the raft. It can also be arranged to activate automatically as the raft inflates. An optional 1 meter telescopic mounting pole is also available.

The S.701 SART is the result of many years experience in the specification, design, manufacture and use of SARTs and related marine safety equipment. It brings together the ultimate in high-reliability design, modern manufacturing techniques and 'designed-in' ease of deployment. It produces an instantly recognizable '12 dot' radar return to direct rescue vessels.