Profurl Sail Furling Systems

Extrusions and Feeders Furlers

Profurl offers a range of products summed up in just one word - Quality.

Reliability and longevity are characteristics common to every Profurl product. State of the art production and assembly techniques guarantee that all products meet the standard of excellence Profurl's customers demand. Some Profurl products are even manufactured under the control of Bureau V?ritas, which testifies of the level of quality commonly used in the Company.

The testing ground of Profurl products has long been the world's oceans. Single handed around the world races, trans-oceanic multihull speed records, and even Arctic and Antarctic expeditions have allowed Profurl to amass a valuable store of knowledge. The products used on these voyages are often disassembled and analysed in Profurl's test facilities, resulting in ongoing improvement in design and functionality. Choosing Profurl means peace of mind, performance and a product built to last.

Profurl Lite

Whatever size your boat is, whatever sailing program you have! or whatever your budget, Profurl offers a vast choice of 'perfect fit' products.