Profurl Stay Sail Furlers and Flying Sail Furlers


Profurl Continuous Line Stay Furler

ProFurl NEC & EC furlers for flying Sails offer the efficiency of hanked sails, with the ease of use of a furling sail. Developed and enhanced over 15 years, with the help of some of the biggest names in ocean racing, ProFurl furlers allow handling both light and heavy sails from the safety of the cockpit, as well as your reefing furling genoa. Sailors can hoist, unfurl, sail, furl, drop their sails with maximum ease, with completely reliable and maintenance free system.

Profurl Stayfurler AttachmentA Stayfurler is a rotating Kevlar or modern fiber forestay with the drum and head swivel incorporated within its length. Apart from the furling action it acts as a forestay to hold the mast in place. The sail features a special Kevlar anti-twist luff rope, fitted inside a full length luff pocket, and finished at both ends with a thimble. Thimbles are secured at the bottom to the drum mechanism, either with continuous line (NEC models), or conventional single line drum (EC models), and at the top of the sailto a top swivel. The anti-twist luff rope will transmit the rotation up to the head of the sail when actuated by the spool or the drum (depending on model). Sail luff pockets can either be permanently attached to the stay line or can be removable.

When being handled, hoisted or dropped, the sail is furled around its Kevlar luff. The sail remains soft and can be folded and easily stored in a sail bag. It may also be stored alongside the mast for an evenquicker deployment.

ProFurl advantages:

  • The sail is ready to use at any time and quick to set.
  • The sail is hoisted and dropped furled around the soft luff and is easy to handle with minimal windage.
  • With the sail in its bag, the only thing that remains is the halyard, which is much easier to store than a stainless steel wire which is always longer than the mast.
  • Excellent value for money: the same ProFurl furler can be used with various types of light or heavy sails: from the light genoa to the storm jib.
  • Reduced weight aloft: a halyard is much lighter than a stainless steel wire.
  • Easier tacking : when used as a staysail there is no inner stay on the foredeck once the halyard or sail is stored alongside the mast.
  • Easily stored sails mean sails lasting longer.

The ProFurl 'plus'

  • Maintenance free mechanisms with sealed bearings in a grease bath.
  • Choice of single or continuous line or drums.
  • Ergonomic feature and exclusive enhancements including. no-loss captive quick release pins on most models, ultimate lightweight with titanium components, attachment to the chain-plate with a snap shackle on most models, optional built in swivel 2:1 halyard block on most models.
  • Tested and guaranteed working loads.