Profurl Racing and Cruising Furlers

Furlers Extrusions and Feeders

Profurl Racing and Cruising FurlerAfter 20 years of experience gained through the collaboration with top sailors and after equipping thousands of yachts, PROFURL is proud to introduce two brand new furling system ranges. Both Cruising and Racing systems utilise ProFurl's maintenance free bearings and offer outstanding strength, light weight and durability.

The Cruising systems are dedicated to 5 to 26m boats, and offer owners and crews security and strength for a longer operational life.

The Racing furling systems offer performance and ease of use thanks to some of PorFurl's latest innovations: the opening luff rope prefeeder and airfoil shaped extrusions which are black annodized for hard wearing style.

ProFurl Racing systems have been especially designed for the racing-cruising sailor.

Key features of the new Cruising and Racing ranges include:

Profurl Wrap StopWrap stop

Prevents halyard wraps. Fixed to the top of the stay, the wrap stop eliminates the needs for a halyard fairlead, and reduces potential halyard chafe. The wrap stop also prevents unnecessary horizontal pressure on the top swivel, which could generate bearing fatigue.

Profurl New Luff Rope FeederNew Luff Rope Feeder

The new luff rope feeder for a smoother and easier sail hoist by one crew member. Manufactured from highly resistant stainless steel, the design eliminates any possible damage to the sail. The luff rope feeder can be installed or removed without any tools. Delivered as a standard on all models but C260 and C290.

Profurl Extrusions : Optimum Strength to Weight RatioExtrusions : Optimum Strength to Weight Ratio

ProFurl extrusions are made lighter and stronger by the use of a special alloy (6106) and by design incorporating longitudinal ribs offering the best strength/weight ratio in the market. Optimum torque resistance along the entire foil length and the total absence of play at the junctions avoid any possibility of twist whilst reefing. The foil shape is specifically designed for uniform rigidity, aerodynamic performance and smooth even rotation.