Plastimo - Innovative Plastic Engineering

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Plastimo, the European manufacturer expert in plastic engineering.

Ever since the company was created in 1963, Plastimo has developed real industrial know-how in introducing plastic materials to the production of marine equipment. Right from the start, Plastimo understood all the benefits that these new materials could bring to leisure boating: products would be stronger and sturdier, lighter in weight, impervious to corrosion and of course, cheaper.

Ensuring your safety on board : the core of Plastimo's mission !

While lifejackets, safety harnesses and liferafts are the logical products which come to mind in terms of safety, we, at Plastimo, consider your safety as a much broader concept. We put equal care into the development and production of through-hull fittings, bollards, ladders, reefing gear, fenders and compasses, because they all contribute to your safety on board.

Research & Development: on the crest of innovation for 40 years.

Innovation is only worthwhile if it is capable of delivering lasting improvement. To ensure this our R & D department has joined forces with the Marketing team, and organise working sessions with top racers, cruising yachtsmen and recreational fishermen to help us provide the best answer to yachtsmen's needs. Together, engineers and yachtsmen seek improvements to existing products and detail development plans for products yet to come.

Being a forerunner in innovation, we are supported by government organisations in charge of promotion of research. Many new Plastimo products have been patented. Our R & D department has invented products with both functional and aesthetic appeal, always integrating the safety factor, the core of our mission.

Plastimo ISO 9001Our commitment to Safety and our very demanding quality assurance standards in the production of liferafts in particular, have been certified as compliant with ISO 9001

Many Plastimo products were innovations when first produced but have now become industry standards. We pride ourselves in the success and durability of a product, as these are the best proof of a product's reliability and complete satisfaction of a yachtsman's needs.