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New: Ultra Lite Liferaft

Ocean Safety 4 Man ISO Ultra Lite Life RaftOcean Safety 4 Man ISO Ultra Lite Life Raft

Save one third of the weight.

The Ultralite liferaft is the new addition to the Ocean Safety range of ISO 9650 rafts. What makes this raft completely different is weight-saving use of the latest composite technology.

Designed to save up to a third in terms of weight with its carbon container and carbon fibre wrapped aluminium cylinder, the Ultralite is for the racing sailor looking to save weight or for the naval architect, who is designing a vessel to a very specific target weight for increased performance.

With a survival pack for up to 24 hours in a 10 person canister Ultralite raft, this astoundingly, is the equivalent weight of a conventional 4 person valise liferaft. As a result, the liferaft is also considerably easier and faster to lift on deck and deploy when needed or when demonstrating the fact to the race safety scrutineers within the '15 second rule'. Already a number of race campaigns worldwide have enquired about this new raft, safe in the knowledge that this is truly the lightest weight liferaft on the market.

If budget is an issue, then the GRP canister could be considered, giving an additional 3 kg over the carbon container, but providing a cost saving.

This new Ocean Safety Ultralite liferaft range already carries the RYA Tick Mark, which denotes high standards of compliance with the ISO International Standards 9650 parts 1 and 3 and illustrates that an RYA Certificate of Type Examination has been issued following third party assessment.

Weight saving example:

Liferaft capacity vs Ultralite Ocean ISO

6 person 28kg vs 40kg

8 person 35kg vs 45kg

10 person 36kg vs 52kg