Ocean Safety Fire Equipment

Fire Detection and Protection

Gloria 1Kg Powder Fire Extinguisher from Ocean SafetyGloria dtored pressure portable extinguisher. 5-year disposable powder charge. Comes complete with crash-tested mounting bracket and pressure indication gauge as standard.

  • 1kg - Rating: 8A 34B
  • 2kg - Rating: 13A 89B

Manufactured to ISO9001 VDA 6.1


Controlled discharge

Kidde Battery-Operated Smoke Alarm with Safety LightKidde battery powered smoke alarms offer an inexpensive and easy way to protect boats that aren't pre-wired with an interconnected system. The battery power continues to work during a power outage if they have been replaced regularly. Battery powered alarms can be installed easily and all models include a test button, power indicator light, battery locking, and low battery warning indicator.