nke Marine Electronics

Instrument and Race Calculation Displays Navigation Instruments and Compasses AIS

Innovation, reliability, precision and safety are the objectives nke aim for in terms of research and development as well as in terms of service and information. Whatever your navigational needs: regatta racing or cruising, single-handed or fully-crewed, offshore and ocean or inshore, nke products are designed to satisfy every level of your requirements.

Adopted by the sailing and boating elite, nke products use the most advanced technologies. Tested under the most extreme conditions, they have been used and appreciated everywhere in the world for more than 20 years. Each of nke's products are designed to facilitate your navigation requirements and to provide the necessary level of information to the helmsman and crew.

Multifunction Displays

nke nke displays are sophisticated, attractive, ergonomic and easy to use. All navigational data is delivered in real-time, and the displays are 100% waterproof, and can be fitted above or below deck.

Each multifunction unit:

  • Fits the nke Bus automatically
  • Gives access to all data calculated and transmitted by the transducers
  • Allows the user to choose the information to be displayed
  • Enables the management of a race timer and displys the Bus voltage
  • Stores the calibration, alarm selection and displayed parameters.

Race Functions

  • Target speed
  • Close hauled performance
  • Optimum angle to windward
  • Trend indicators: speed, rotation and distance
  • Race timer setting with 2 values for different starting procedures

Standard Functions

  • Bus data and position indicators
  • GPS data: position, bearing and waypoint distance, SOG and COG
  • Man-Over-Board function: bearing and distance displays
  • Unit display: average speed and maximum speed storage
  • Quality backlighting: light emitting film with 4 user-definable levels

The Gyropilot

The first pilot with an incorporated gyrometer for an optimum course maintenance.

nke Maintenance of the course without windings, reliability, multifunctionality.... In order to give you an optimum course quality, nke equip their autopilots with a gyrometer that is an extremely high performance device and measures the boat performance permanently and precisely.

This gyrometer directly provides information to the junction box controlling the steering making instantaneous and precisely measured steering adjustments. This high performance device is useful at every point of sail in every sea condition. At the forefront of technology, the Gyropilot ensures you a rectilinear course whatever the effect of the elements.

Used by Roland Jourdain, winner of the Transat Jacques Vabre and Orma World Champion.


  • Quick access to all adjustment functions
  • Multiple parameters are taken into account
  • Display of all the data from all transducers present
  • Waterproof control box


  • Large data character display
  • Graphic display of basic information for greater user-friendliness
  • Easy to use
  • A pull down menu for better readability and quicker access to the functions

Safety Systems

nke For your own and your crew's safety, nke has developed a device that detects a man falling overboard. Tested in the most extreme conditions, this safety system is made up of one or several extremely light portable transmitters. The device is worn around the neck or arm and linked to a universal radio receiver fitted on the boat. When the device is manually or automatically triggered, an alarm is set off on the boat, and position information is transmitted to the boat and displayed on the navigation displays. The crew can then set a pick-up course, no matter what conditions prevail.


  • Gyropilot remote control
  • TL 25 multifunction remote control
  • Crew transmiter recommended for crew members or children whilst cruising


  • Handles up to 8 transmitters simultaneously