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Air CooledIsotherm Cooling units

Isotherm air-cooled and water-cooled compressor units are designed for simple installation in existing top or side-loaded boat refrigerators. Air-cooling is a traditional way of removing heat. With a properly ventilated compressor compartment cold air enters from below and hot air escapes from above. Flat-shape cooling evaporators can be bent to fit the existing box, require less space and produce a slightly more even temperature distribution. &gt.Unit Includes:

  • Evaporator
  • Compressor
  • Control unit

Isotherm Marine Refrigerator Build-In Units are tested and come as a complete pre-filled 'do it your self' kit. If you have a motor cruiser, travel some distance at a time, and have an efficient and well-maintained electrical system on board a Classic Marine Refrigeration System that has a cold-radiating evaporator and traditional thermostat control is best for your boat. If your boat is a sailing yacht and you use the engine for short periods only, a fridge or refrigeration system that has ASU controls and a cold-holding plate will best suit your boat.

Water Cooled - Self PumpingIsotherm Cooling units

&gt.A refrigerator does not produce cold but removes heat. An effective means of getting rid of this heat is critical for the refrigerator's performance and energy consumption. Isotherm refrigeration systems use either air or seawater to remove heat.

The Isotherm SP system is a totally new technique that is cooled directly by the surrounding water. This means that refrigeration efficiency is completely independent of the air temperature inside the boat. Even on the hottest days of summer - just when a refrigerator is needed most - the water-cooled Isotherm SP operates consistently at an extremely high level of efficiency impervious to hot ambient temperatures. Without fans or pumps to remove the heat generated by the refrigeration compressor, the SP system consumes much less battery power and is remarkably quiet.

Although heat always rises if left to the laws of nature, the Isotherm SP unit uses the natural movement of the hull to draw heat down and out through a special fitting in the galley sink drain hose. As this hose is not restricted by pumps or non-return valves, the flow inside is completely free. Each movement of the water surrounding the boat produces a similar change of the water level inside the hose resulting in the pumping of a similar quantity of water in and out through the hull fitting. By designing a special hull fitting containing a non-restricting, full-flow spiral heat exchanger for cooling the heated refrigeration agent, an extremely efficient cooling system is created. As the hull fitting is always situated some distance from the boat's centre of gravity, even the smallest movement of the hull or mast of a sailing boat is sufficient to create a pumping action. This movement by which warm water is continuously pumped out and cold water in, also prevents fouling.

Water Cooled - Electrically PumpedIsotherm Cooling units

Isotherm Magnum is designed especially for vessels where refrigeration requirements are exceptionally large or for extended sailing in tropical waters. Isotherm Magnum uses the surrounding water, always appreciably cooler than the air inside the boat, to increase cooling efficiency. All Magnum models are fitted with integral seawater pumps for circulating the cooling water through the cooling section of the refrigerator compressor. The pump is quiet, self-priming, withstands being run dry and is self-aerating. The highly efficient heat exchanger is manufactured in a corrosion-resistant copper-nickel alloy and fitted with a zinc anode. Seawater systems are unmatched in efficiency and offer increased cooling capacity.

The Magnum Twin model is the largest and most modern refrigeration unit in the range, using twice the compressor power as the smaller Magnums. By connecting two Danfoss compressors together even the largest refrigerators (up to 500 litres) or freezer (up to 250 litres) will work to capacity. For trouble-free operation over long periods, the lubrication systems of both compressors are connected by means of a oil balance pipe. This design permits the unit to withstand extremely rough seas. A seawater-cooled integral oil cooler ensures continuous operation at full capacity even in tropical conditions.

An internal light kit is available (Part No. 10014).