Digital Yacht Aqua PCs

Computers and Software

Digital Yacht has produced a value range of PCs suitable for on board applications. A normal laptop simply isn't rugged enough for the constant pounding and vibration that you experience on a small boat, so our dedicated hardware offers an ideal solution.

Digital Yacht Aqua PCThe new Aqua range of marine PCs from Digital Yacht bring affordable low power computing to every boat. All models utilise the latest generation of Intel processors and a highly efficient DC power supply to offer exceptionally low power consumption (from just 15W) as well as fast computing capabilities. Whilst fully customisable, four basic models fit the majority of marine requirements.

Aqua PC Standard is designed as a general purpose, great value on board PC. It's fitted with two NMEA ports, a 160GB ruggedised hard drive fitted in an anti vibration enclosure, 1 GB of RAM and a CD/DVD drive. Standard connections include three USB ports, a VGA and DVI port allowing the system to drive up to two compatible LCD monitors and all the standard system connectors for keyboard, audio and network.

Utilising an exceptionally low power Intel Atom N270 processor, the Aqua Standard PC is completely fanless and consumes just 1.5A. Offering Netbook type performance, it is ideal for general purpose computing. Office applications, E-Mail, Web Browsing, watching DVDs, playing music, etc. and is powerful enough to run all of the popular Navigational Software packages.

For users wishing to run the latest and most sophisticated navigational software (3D charting, weather routing, bathy generation, etc) or who want instant redraw and panning, then the Aqua Pro PC should be considered, but for the majority of users, the Aqua Standard PC offers the perfect compromise between current consumption and computing performance.

There is also the AquaMedia for those that want a PC more focused for onboard entertainment, than navigation AquaMedia utilises a more powerful dual core processor with integrated Nvidia graphics and is fitted as standard with BlueRay DVD drive and inbuilt digital TV tuner. Simply hook up to an external TV antenna for onboard entertainment at its best and utilise the power and performance of Windows 7 to watch, pause and record TV programmes as required. AquaMedia is also fitted with a huge 250GB ruggedised hard drive for maximum media capabilities, and HDMI output and Blu-Ray playback.

AquaPro PC

AquaPro PC uses Intel's latest i3-530 processor and features a solid state hard disk drive for the ultimate in reliability and speed. It comes pre-installed with the latest Windows 7 Premium Home (64 Bit) operating system together with 4 GB RAM, 10 x USB ports and built in high speed 802.11n wireless networking. It will also drive up to two displays using the latest HDMI and DVI/VGA connections. An optional, four port dedicated NMEA interface (all opto isolated) together with configuration software can be specified, that effectively allows the PC to act as a four way multiplexer for the most sophisticated of navigation programs and systems.

Despite its power, Aqua Pro measures just 30 x 27 x 7cm and operates directly from 12v or 24v DC without the need for an external inverter. It offers an amazingly quick zoom and redraw capability, unmatched by any dedicated marine type plotter.