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Product: C-MAP

C-MAP Electronic Charts

C-MAP Electronic Charts - Worldwide coverage available


Product: SCS

SCS Pactor HF modems

SCS-Pactor is the only practical hi-throughput HF/SSB modem for expanding the use of your MF/HF transceiver to enable email and other data services


Product: Expedition

Expedition Tactical and Navigation Software

Expedition Tactical and Navigation Software for racing around the world, or just up the harbour.


Product: Digital Yacht Aqua PCs

Digital Yacht Aqua PCs

Digital Yacht has produced a value range of PCs suitable for on board applications. A normal laptop simply isn't rugged enough for the constant pounding and vibration that you experience on a small boat, so their dedicated hardware offers an ideal solution.


Product: Digital Yacht WiFi Boatranet

Digital Yacht WiFi Boatranet

BOATraNET “e-enables” your existing navigation system and creates a dynamic, local intranet for your boat. Imagine having your own automatic website that shows visitors to your boat all of the most important navigational information and gives them access to the photos, documents and music that you want them to share and enjoy.


Product: Digital Yacht Wifi Access

WiFi Access

A dedicated long-range WiFi antenna allows boat owners to connect to wi-fi hot spots so that their on board PCs or equipment can connect to the internet. With internet connectivity on board you can download the latest weather or chart updates as well as having a mobile office on board. Most harbours and ports have either free or subscription based services available