Rocna Extends Distribution Network

On the strength of its superior performance, proven in independent tests, and the enthusiastic endorsement of hundreds of users, the manufacturer of Rocna new generation marine anchors has extended its distribution network to include outlets in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas, Australia and Oceania.

Released in early 2005 and representing the very latest in anchor design, the New Zealand-developed Rocna marine anchor provides instant setting and superior holding on most seabed types.

Rocna re-sellers operate in UK. Ireland. France. Germany. Italy. the Benelux countries (Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg). Scandinavia. Greece. North, South and Central America. United Arab Emirates. South Africa. Hong Kong (China). the Pacific Islands. Australia and New Zealand.

'Demand for Rocna has grown exponentially in the past six months,' says Steve Bambury, CEO of the company.

'It's obvious that word of mouth is really working as more and more boaters realise that there is a significantly better anchor now available and ask for Rocna by name.

'In addition, we are now getting a lot of enquiries from re-sellers all over the world wanting to sell our anchors. We are actively seeking new re-sellers to help meet demand with opportunities for them to increase their revenues'.

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The Rocna design ensures a quick and proper set in all seabed types, from soft mud to hard sand. Furthermore, the anchor remains buried when the load is reversed or the anchor is dragged beyond yield. The roll bar guarantees the correct setting attitude and dispenses with the need for a dedicated tip-weight, while Rocna's chisel-tip toe cuts through hard sand, seaweed or grass, and the skids at the rear guide the anchor through its setting motion. The shank is high-tensile steel alloy for maximum resistance to deformation. It's shaped to allow self-launching, self-retrieval and a practical fit on most bow-rollers. There are no gimmicks, such as dual rode attachment points or de-mountable shanks, which might compromise the Rocna's reliability, durability and clarity of design.

Available in galvanised and stainless steel in sizes from 4kg (9lb) to 275kg (606lb), there's a Rocna anchor for any vessel, from a runabout to a small ship.

A list of international distributors is available online:

Rocna Anchors. ph +64 9 447 1961 international. e-mail, web

Hong Kong/China distributor: Storm Force Marine Ltd, ph +852 2866-0114 e-mail web

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